Selectboard Business Meeting
Thursday, August 11, 2022 – 6:00 p.m.
Town Office Meeting Room


  1. Call to Order:  Pledge of Allegiance

2.    Agenda Adjustments: 

3.   Approval of Minutes: Regular Meeting 7/28/2022

4.    Old Business:

                  a. Use of windmill funds – Survey

                  b. Personnel Policy

                        b. Retirement

                        c.  Fee Schedule for Building Permits, Plumbing Permits, Penalties

                        d.  Funding for Sewer Pump Station (ARPA funds, Grants)

                        e.  Mowing bids

                        f.   Truck Body

                        g.  Conex/School Clean Out

                        h.  Applications for Highway position      

5.     New Business:

                  a. Bulletproof vest for ACO

                  b.  Office cleaner resignation

                  c.  Brownfield application

                  d.  Letter to resident regarding sewer line

                  e.  New Baseball field

                  f.   Foreclosures

                  g.  Digital imaging report

                  h.  Oxford County Hazard Mitigation Plan Survey

                  i.   NIMS training for elected/appointed officials

6.     Other Business:

7.      Approval of Warrants:

                  a. Accounts Payable Warrant #s:               10 ($16,244.32)  &  12 ($99,485.75)

                        b. Payroll Warrant #s:                                     8 ($6,515.88),  9 ($80.74),  &  11 ($4,006.70)                       

8.    Public Comment:

9.     Committee Reports:

10.    Board Questions/Comments:

11.    Executive Session:

12.    Adjournment:                                



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